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Raised in a mine-hosting community abandoned by mining corporations without the issuing of a mine-closure license, reparations for mine workers or rehabilitation of the land. Subsequently, his immediate environment required that Sobantu Mzwakali join community activism which monitors the impact of the extractive industry with a broad consensus on a campaign to gather a comprehensive mandate with other mining-affected communities.

Sobantu is an activist-writer now based in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has appeared in various venues, including Open Democracy, CounterPunch, and the Daily Maverick.

Currently, Sobantu works as an Advocacy and Campaign Officer at Tshintsha Amakhaya – an action learning platform of civil society organizations that supports local community struggles in land and agrarian reform. Previously, he held a position as a Writer for the Land and Accountability Researcher Centre at the University of Cape Town, including the Alliance for Rural Democracy.

Sobantu has an extensive activism background, a history of movement building, mobilizing and organizing on issues of land dispossession in the face of the extractive industry and elite capture. Multilingual, his expertise in researching, recording, reporting and publishing on multimedia platforms complements his passion for writing stories.

His career launched in 2014 when he became a Coordinator of the Bench Marks Foundation monitoring school – educating and training local activists in writing, research, media communications and other activist skills.

Sobantu has a passion for writing. He is an avid reader and a coffee connoisseur. When he is not reading nor writing, he is appreciating his coffee’s finish with a burnt or tobacco flavour – a resonant silence at the end of each mug!


His writings do not necessarily reflect the views of any organisation he is or has been affiliated with.